Heal your Family by Healing Yourself

Transformative Theta Healing® Sessions to find Peace and Love in every relationship.

I work with and support people who are ready  and want to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Do you wish to have a more harmonious home and family?

Discover how important is your self love to make those changes.


Do you fell that any of the questions below are relevant to You:

  • Have you lost your sense of self?
  • Are you lost in the various roles you play (mum-wife-daughter, husband- dad-son)?

  • Did you forget who you are and what your needs are?

  • Do you feel like your children and your partner are not listening to you?
  • Do you have a problem setting your boundaries and expressing your emotion?
  • Do you often feel sad, frustrated and angry, rising your voice and then feel guilty and ashamed?
  • Do you often run away from home problems by doing excessive shopping, eating or drinking?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by bad news around the world and the impact on your family?

  • Do you often feel tired or powerless?

  • Have you lost your real purpose in life and you are just trying to survive?

  • Have you lost connection and intimacy with your partner?


If your answer is "Yes" - start your journey to loving family and life without fear.

I will guide and support you through the process.

All changes start with You.

By changing your vibrations to positive you will influence others - your children, partners, parents and all around You.


How do our sessions influence your life?

  • You will discover how to change your family life (and any other relation) – less shouting, anger and frustration. More positivity and peaceful communication

  • Re-establish a loving connection with your partner 

  • Understand where the negative emotions come from and how to transform them in to love

  • You will learn how to feel safe and trust others
  • You will understand where your programs (views, habits) are coming from and how to change them
  • You will learn how to set up your boundaries and communicate your needs in a healthy way

  • You will understand that the work starts with you and your inner world

By the way you may also:

  • Find your purpose again as you will know yourself more

  • Start loving yourself and your life

  • Improve your physical and mental health, loose weight, stop unhealthy habits

  • See improvements within your family, as we work on the deep ancestral line

  • Understand your parents, find peace and acceptance with these often difficult relationships


Do you know that you are 99.99999% of energy and only 0.00001 of mater?

As energetic beings, we embody both positive and negative vibrations. If we stay under the influence of anger, hate and unhappiness what will we become?

Our body stores negative emotions and transforms them into health problems. By working on yourself, you will reduce unnecessary mental, physical and spiritual issues. You will also avoid the escalation of your problems with children and your partner. First of all, you will learn how to love and feel safe.


My name is Kasia Gale-Ward. I am a Shoden and Okuden (physical and distance session) Practitioner certified by the UK Jikiden Reiki Association. And a Theta Healing® Practitioner certified by Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.


I have over 4 years experience, working with people of different backgrounds and problems - physical, mental and spiritual. 


Everything I do, I do with Love.

Why me?

A few years ago, my answer to the questions above was - "YES, that's me". I managed to improve my relationship with my two sons and my marriage is thriving like never before.

I discovered that I am enough, that I am responsible for my life and stopped blaming others for my perceived failures. I love myself now and I am able to love others with pure intention.

You will be supported during our online sessions. We will connect to your energy field and subconscious mind to find negative programmes and emotions. Together, we will transform them into positive ones, repurposing traumatic memories and setting new positive behaviours, associations and affirmations.


Why you can trust me?

I am an advanced trained Theta Healing® Practitioner. I have successfully improved the lives of women and men for more that 4 years.

Theta Healing® is a world-renowned meditation and spiritual philosophy founded by Vianna Stibal. This easy and safe energy-healing modality allows you to go into the theta brainwave state where you can reach the subconscious mind and shift its conditionings into empowering new beliefs.


What to expect

I will take you on the journey of discovery – your past and future, your past lives and life of your ancestors.

We will check and clear your Aura

Balance and heal your Chakras

We will learn about Inner Child

We will heal your broken Soul (if needed)

Re-establish your place in the family, and bring the balance back into place

We can also work forgiveness process

All will happen with your permission and when you are ready.


These sessions are for people who want to:

  • improve their life and relationship with themself and others

  • ready to go deep into subconscious mind and work with sometimes uncontactable emotions and memories

  • ready to forgive themself and others and start new, peaceful chapter

  • ready to create a new happy life with love and gratefulness,


These sessions are not for people who are:

  • happy where their are

  • do not want to change anything about their life

  • not ready to make adjustments to their relationships


I understand that can be very tiring and difficult to be trapped in a role when you are not happy and supported. When everything makes you angry and you feel like the whole world is against you. I was there, and many of my clients where. But that doesn't mean you need to stay trapped. There is always a light in the tunnel. Just let me guide you as I guided many before you.

It's so beautiful to watch when people react with love again, with respect setting their boundaries, with confidence expressing themself. When they are just happy again.

It's amazing to hear from my son „I love my parents, they are the best parents in the world”. You will hear that, too. Just let me help you to become LOVE.


What my clients said about sessions with me?

My experience as a mother, wife, daughter and Myself.

A few years ago I was struggling as a mother to raise two small children in England without any assistance from my family.

My husband was always very supportive but he couldn't read my mind. And I didn't know how to ask for help and tell him what I needed.

I think I didn't even know what I needed, or what I really wanted to do. For sure I didn't want to cause troubles as my parents used to do back in Poland. 

Frustration, sadness and anger grew. Simple conversations let to lots of tears, and I often used retail therapy to run away from problems. Sometimes I raised my voice at my children.

I didn't cope with my emotions at all. Finally it all became too much. I wanted to be at peace, with balanced emotions, and be brave to express my needs.

I went the long way to heal myself – psychotherapy, change of diet which opened my horizons, meditations, yoga, plant medicine, and finally spiritual courses which taught me how to love myself again.

Then, I discovered Reiki and Theta Healing®. Both methods assisted me with my growth. Soon after the courses I started practicing with my family and friends. I had great feedback and I was happy that I can help others to improve their life and health, both mental and physical. I found my purpose!

I didn't know that I carry so much childhood trauma, rejection and anger. How you can help yourself without the knowledge what you are dealing with? Exactly...  Sometimes, we just need to ask for help and guidance. We are never alone, You are not alone so let me help you!


Transformative 1:1 Sessions - how does this work?

- 3 online sessions - each session 90 mins plus 30 mins consultation

- We will have 2 weeks between sessions, to allow integration

- We will connect via face to face online WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom, etc


Let me summarise my special offer to You

Heal your Family by healing yourself

Transformative Theta Healing® sessions to find Peace and Love in every relationship.

3 sessions - £234


Can you tell me how much happiness and health are worth to You? How much are you giving already? Your time, attention, care and... money. Maybe it is time to invest in yourself because every little change starts with You. So...

  • If you are still getting angry with your family members, children, partners and mainly with yourself - these sessions are for you!
  • If you still running away from your emotions into shopping, eating or other destructive habits - these sessions are for You!
  • Maybe you still have a problem with setting your boundaries, expressing needs and nobody is respecting you - these these sessions are for You!
  • Maybe you are just burned out and nothing makes sense anymore - these sessions are definitely for You!

3 transformative sessions for YOU - £234

With Love,


What would happen after purchase?

I will email you to organise our first session. We can discuss other methods of communication.

How long do I have to use all 3 sessions?

You can use your sessions within 4 months

How do I prepare myself for the session?

Think about what is the most important issue you would like to us to work on first. We will have a consultation before each session to summaries your needs and the learning. Also, please find a quiet place where nobody will distract you. 

Can I receive a refund if I change my mind?

If you buy 3 sessions and after the first meeting you are not satisfied, I will charge you full price for the first session (£90) and I will return the rest to You (£144).

If you change your mind before the first session within 14 days, I will return your money in full amount.