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About Theta Healing®

Theta Healing®  is a world-renowned meditation technique and spiritual philosophy founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995. This easy and safe energy-healing modality teaches you to go into the theta brainwave where you can reach the subconscious mind and shift its conditionings into empowering new beliefs. 

Since we are made of energy, we can use energy to change ourselves. It has been proven that factors in our environment, not our genes, are the main factors in determining our health. We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives as our subconscious mind stocks all our thoughts and emotions. Many of our thoughts are repeated until they become a belief and then a habit. They become fixed into the subconscious mind.

In the theta brainwave, we connect to your energy and to the energy that flows through all things. This is where you can transform your physical, emotional and spiritual health on a cellular level. When you change your beliefs, you change your feelings and actions. You change your reality.

Theta healing is vast and can be applied to many problems, from healing trauma and improving mental  and physical health to breaking blocks around relationships and money. It is able to:

  •  Assist in becoming more confident and worthy

  • Treat fears, phobias and anxiety 
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Transform limiting beliefs, life patterns and behaviours

  • Free you from addictions and unhealthy habits

  • Access memory from different lifetimes on different levels

Theta Healing® works perfectly with the same success over the phone or skype, and other means. So, wherever you are...