"Kasia is an incredible multifaceted healer. Providing deep soul level healing to her clients, Kasia's ability to reach down to the deepest part of you and provide healing to those areas that need it most is profound. Done with sincerity and compassion, Kasia is an exceptional healer. "

— Brandon H. (UK) - Face to face sessions

Theta Healing with Kasia Gale-Ward-with love and care

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kasia. She is an extremely warm person with whom I felt comfortable talking about everything clearly and directly. While working, we enter a certain state that gives a new perspective, going beyond attachment or evaluation, and entering into the observer and curiosity. Looking through this filter makes us see the Truth, with Kasia we immediately have access to the Truth. We simply explore the deep areas of our unconscious and subconscious. In addition, Kasia has sensitive intuitive senses, and she is subtle and delicate in communication. What's more, she uses the wisdom of many ways, and everything is so familiar, close, intuitive, simple, bright."

— Irek G. (Poland) - on-line session

Reiki and Theta Healing sessions with Kasia Gale-Ward for your life improvment

"Kasia is a very committed healer.
She delivers a very individualised programme of care, so that the client feels looked after and understood. The session feels luxurious and comprises a variety of therapies. Her consultation room is attractive and the environment is calming and gentle.
I would recommend Kasia to anyone who feels the need for help with healing when they need extra care and attention. "

— Caroline R. (UK) - Face to face session

Reiki and Theat Healing sessions, safe space for healing and transformation

"I first went to see Kasia by curiosity and to know more about Theta Healing.
At that time I had no real expectations but I was struggling with a co-dependent relationship. Since the first session I felt very deep healing benefits that impacted all aspects of my life. We went directly into the root cause of the problem and suffering. I was so surprised that even though she knew little about my past, everything she said resonated very deeply with me.
The first few sessions were based on self love, trust, but also father-daughter relationship, forgiveness, security. We also went into past lives and family's beliefs.
I feel we have already worked a lot and have been able to address deep rooted traumas that were still affecting me on a daily basis. The last few sessions we have been able to focus more on happiness and areas of my life were I felt some blockages about self belief, such as career, success and money. I can now say I feel much happier and lighter, have gathered more confidence and trust in my life. I also find it easier to be self responsible and not blame others because I feel more peace inside.
Kasia is now my 'healer' and I can call her anytime when I need support.

She has a very compassionate and deep approach to healing, with a genuine wish to help people. She has a very calm and warm approach and I always feel very safe. I would definitely recommend Kasia if you have concerns or issues about any topics."

— Marie C. (France/UK) - face to face and on-line sessions

"Having a Reiki session with Kasia was a truly amazing experience. Kasia is an empathetic, warm, and sensitive individual, truly open to what you share and bring to the session. Her touch was soothing, and I could feel the flow of energy, reassuring me that I was in capable hands. Throughout the session, I had a clear awareness of what was happening and why, as well as what the next steps would be.

After the session, I found myself filled with a profound understanding, a newfound truth, and a sense of inner peace. The experience was incredibly grounding and provided me with valuable insights. Kasia's guidance and the energy she channelled left a lasting positive impact, and I look forward to future sessions that bring both healing and enlightenment."

— Ola (Poland) - face to face session