About Reiki

Reiki principles, Healing Energy for Body, mind and soul

Reiki is a Japanese Healing Art founded a little over 100 years ago by Mikao Usui. It can be described as the universal energy of existence, which flows through all life and matter. Reiki is completely natural and non-invasive.

It treats the whole person including mind, body and soul. It helps with stress, lack of energy, physical injuries and any other problems. Using Reiki is also known to help combat phobias, treat addictions and help patients to better manage life-threatening illnesses, including Cancer.

Reiki creates many other beneficial effects: 

- relaxation,

- a sense of peace, security and wellbeing,

- lowered blood pressure,

- easing of aches and pains, especially chronic pains, 

- relieving stress and tension,

- boosting energy,

- increasing mental performance,

- self-esteem and overall confidence.

So, if you struggle with ongoing health problems why don’t you try something different?

The best benefits from Reiki treatment will be achieved by hands-on method (face to face). I am also trained with distance Reiki, so, wherever you are...